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We are living in a democratic society, that’s why each of us has free choice. This choice we are using, when we choose alternatives of treatment. At most, our choice depends on our awareness on the basic principles of treatment. At the present stage of medicine development, are pointed out allopathic (traditional) and homeopathic (biological) treatment guidelines. They both have right of existence, but the choice of treatment largely depends on tandem "doctor-patient". By determining of treatment strategy should answer the key question: "Is it reasonable to fight against the symptoms of disease or to activate body defenses? In what cases, it is using symptomatic and, in what cases, biological therapy?" Answers to these questions are in understanding of ideology allopathic and homeopathic methods.

What is an allopathic (traditional) method?

Traditional medicine includes allopathic method, based on control pathological symptoms and syndromes. Allopathic drugs are artificially synthesized chemicals, which in certain doses resolve or decrease disease manifestations. For example, when something pains are appointed painkillers, for constipation - laxative, against vomiting syndrome - antiemetic, edema - antioedemic, fever heat – febrifuge etc. In this case, therapeutic treatment effect is achieved by using drugs of opposite action to the factors, which caused the symptoms. Allopathic method is justified in strong situations, when there is a risk to life (escape of blood, infectious disease, acute surgical pathology) and it is necessary to use intense, curative treatment. In the treatment of chronic illnesses using of allopathic drugs is inexpedient or even harmful. Medical practice basic mass of Ukrainian doctors, is based on the principles of allopathic medicine, that’s why allopathic treatment continues to be dominant in medicine for this moment. From the standpoint of homeopathic (biological) method, where like cures like, listed above symptoms are regarded as the organism signals of imbalances in the body.

Homeopathic treatment involves the use of natural materials and methods, which are acting on the initial or intermediate stages of disease without oppression of self-regulation mechanisms. In homeopathic treatment are trying not to "fight" with the symptoms of the disease, but to support klendusity. This method is the most physiological. It helps the body to complete the health response and to achieve compensation (restore homeostasis). Homeopathic treatment is effective in such cases, when it is not need intensive care.

Modern medicine, reaching significant results in their scientific and practical development, is able to save the patient’s life even in situations, which previously were found it impossible. However, it is nearly powerless in chronic body processes, which are manifested not so much as diseases, but as disorders of various functions. That’s why, in such cases comes to the fore the functional medicine, which is putting into the practice the holistic approach to each patient, diagnoses body dysfunctions, their causes and relationships, find the most optimal tactics of rehabilitation treatment. The main objective of functional medicine is the adoption of preservation of health technology, but not the fight with disease symptoms; disease prevention at the pre-clinical stage, when there are no structural defects, and numerous laboratory tests have not yet become concern to doctors. In this way, functional medicine is the most preventive, because it gives a possibility to find the problem, when it can still be prevented. Functional treatment is focused on:

- cure of functional systems and organs imbalance by correction at the biochemical level;

- neutralization the exogenous and endogenous factors;

- improving physiological functions;

- stimulation of positive factors on the human body;

- broaden the adaptive options of the individual.

One of the functional medicine elements is Applied Kinesiology (AK), which was founded in 1964 by J. Goodheart (USA). AK is based on the combination of classic medical knowledge with alternative (osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture, phytotherapy, threpsology etc.). AK is a multiple-vector strategy for human health, where diagnostic search is directed at identifying of functional imbalances on the psychoemotional, biochemical and structural levels. An important advantage of this technology is the biofeedback with the patient. This comes by way of muscle test interpreting, under the influence of various provocations. This “answer-reaction” on the provocation reflects individual normal person range, but not the average agreed standards. To this effect, is AK personalized medicine.

The experts of "MedAlternatyva" are providing diagnosis and treatment, using homeopathic (biological) approach, what is entirely measured up the principles of functional medicine. This approach makes it possible to achieve high-quality results in the treatment of patients with chronic diseases.

11.10.2012 Candidate of Medicine, I.M. Tsyrkot


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