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How is kinesiologist work?

Doctor, skilled in the methods of Applied Kinesiology, has an additional diagnostic tool. The method is based on the patient's muscle tone of muscles assessment. Muscle tone is the main diagnostic criterion. According to the muscle tone, specialist can diagnose the localization of disease, choose the necessary drug and the optimal strategy of prevention and treatment. The main purpose of muscle testing is to identify muscles with hypomyotonia.

Applied kinesiology is using two main strategies: diagnostics through the indicator muscle and diagnostics through the associated muscles.

Diagnostics through the indicator muscle.

The indicator muscle can be any muscle, which is measure up to the indicative principles ("healthy" normal muscle tone). This diagnostic method is based on the following phenomenon: at the time of putting hand on body areas with problems, the tone of indicator muscle is decreasing and if there are not any problems, it is not changing. In this way, through the indicator muscle, it is easy to find the location and the type of pathology on preclinical phase of the disease and to do Kinesiological management.

Diagnostics through the associated muscles

Each muscle has its own interactions with the internal organ, meridian, the spinal motion segment, neuro-lymphatic, neurovascular zones and etc. If in definite system, organ, meridian, zone has developed or is coming a problem, then the tone related / associated with them muscle, is decreasing. Finding the muscle with decreased tone, a specialist is able to diagnose the problem organ or systemic disorders.


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